Clash of clans mod apk (Unlimited Money) V 8.709.23

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Clash of clans mod apk unlimited money mod for Version mobile game direct download link is available at the end of the post.

Overview of Clash of clans mod apk (Unlimited Money)

Lords mobile game

Clash of clans is one the best and most famous Massive Multiplayer Online mobile game of all time. The game is extremely famous and is liked by millions of COC fans around the world. I guess you are one of those fans if you are reading this article. The game is available for all sorts of mobile operating systems. The gameplay includes building a town through resources which you will gather by different means. Three basic entities like Elixir, Dark Elixir and gold are must to have if you want to play the game as per your liking. These entities can be achieved through different means. Like you can play the game, achieve different levels and gain points. You can also get elixir and gold by attacking your enemy and gathering their resources. Other option includes buying these gold from in-app purchases which require spending real world money.

clash of clans mod apk download

Clash of clans mod Apk can be played in different modes. You can play it in single player mode and polish your skill level. You can go for Massive Multiplayer Online game and enjoy the fun of playing the game with some of the best players around. There is an option to team up with other players to start the a massive campaign against your enemy. The option of sharing resources and troops is there where you can utilize each other’s services for mutual benefits.

Benefits of having unlimited money mod for Clash of Clans

Since you would be requiring lots of resources to get advantages during gameplay, so the mod version of Clash of Clans Mod apk come handy. Like you initially start off with building a small village. Subsequently, you will hire troops and people for the protection of your village. You need to train and provide food to the troops also. All these require lots of money in the form of Gold and elixir. You can either get these elixirs and Gold by attacking your enemy and gathering all the gems and Gold. The second option could be to get these gold and Elixir from In-app purchases utilizing real world money. By using the mod version of this game you will have unlimited money to play Clash of Clans.

clash of clans mod apk

Features of Clash of clans mod apk (Unlimited Money Mod)

Clash of Clans is no doubt a fantastic game and one of the most downloaded mobile game. The game contains excellent features and some of the best graphics. Some of the known features of Clash of Clans include:

  1. Start off by building a small village and grow it bigger
  2. Deploy troops to give protection to your village.
  3. Game can be played in Massive Multiplayer Online mod
  4. By teaming up with others, you have the options to share resources like troops etc.
  5. Different weaponry in the form of Cannons, Mortars, and bombs can be utilized for protection of your village
  6. 18 different units can be raised and upgraded
  7. Fight with best of the players online and get their trophies
  8. Team up with your friends and other players to form unbeatable clans
  9. Fight against the Goblin King
  10. Form the best of your armies from selection of best of troops available

What to expect from Clash of Clans Mod apk

  1. Lots of money in the form of Gold and Elixir
  2. Everything unlimited

How to install clash of clans mod Apk 

The important thing to note is to have a backup for your original game. It would be useful in the case mod version Clash of Clans does not work. Rest installation of Clash of clans mod apk is very simple. Just follow these simple steps to get error free installation:

  1. Download Clash of Clans (Unlimited Money Mod) from the link at the end of this post.
  2. Uninstall the original clash of clans apk game from your device
  3. If you are downloading the mod apk on your computer then transfer it to your mobile device
  4. If already downloaded on a mobile device, start the installation process.
  5. After installation is done, open Clash of Clans apk and sign in with Google account
  6. That’s it and you are good to go.

 Important Note:

 To install the clash of clans unlimited money mod, you need to uninstall the original game. This will delete all the data, level and progress you have made in the game so far.

In case you feel any problem during installation of Clash of Clans unlimited money mod, you need to write in the comment section. I will try mu best to resolve your issues. 

Download clash of clans mod apk

Direct download link for Clash of clans unlimited money mod is available at the end of the post. Enjoy the very best features of this game. Challenge your friends and show them your gaming skill with this popular Clash of Clans mobile game.

Please note: This is Private server only.

S1: Unlimited Everything! troops, Building and more…

S2: No Mods included, but Unlimited Resources!

In the case of server overloads, you may face a problem of getting disconnected or failed to log in etc. Just keep trying it, you will be fine.


Lords mobile game


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Watch this Youtube video to see how clash of clans mod apk works

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